Hi, My name is Honza Marcinek

my goals

My role is to shed light on how innovation can help you to come up with better insights, better ideas and better engagement. Because the future is always evolving and my aim is to help the advertising and creative industries keep up. I split my goals into three pillars:


I finished Bachelor of Arts at the Film Academy of Miroslav Ondricek in Pisek and got diploma at Cannes Lions Creative Academy. That’s reason why I specialize in solving communication problems by creating ideas and things.


I’m dedicated to spreading the young talent of the advertising industry with Young Lions Czech Republic and ADC Young Creative Awards competitions, where my aim is to inspire, educate and grow the fresh blood that this industry is built on.


Strategic and creative minds will always be needed to find the threads to weave together a brilliant idea, but in these days it’s data and tech that bring them to life. And I would like to show you how innovations can be practically applied in creative campaigns.

Could a robot write a novel?

About me

Honza Marcinek

I studied High School of Telecommunications Engineering but during this time I fell in love to filmmaking so after my graduation I went to the Film Academy of Miroslav Ondricek in Pisek where I finished Bachelor of Arts in 2008. I worked two years in media industry but after visiting Cannes Lions International festival of Creativity in 2010 I moved to advertising industry. I also got creative diploma at Cannes Lions Creative Academy (headed by creative legend Bob Isherwood), where I met a lot of creative and inspirational people. As you can see I’m lucky enough to have turned curiosity into a career.

  • Ideas Development
  • Strategy
  • Programming


This blog is for sharing ideas and experiences with you, because clients expect innovation from their agencies. They want to know what we’re doing to add value to their needs. This scenario has seen several agencies invest in tech start-ups and start-ups that are developing products they believe brand-owners would want. The aim of these articles is to help you keep up.