Deck of Distinctive Brands

Have you ever wondered why brands like Coca-Cola or Apple are so extraordinarily successful? Because they occupy a distinct position, relative to competitor brands, in the mind of the consumer. This ideation tool will inspire you to create compelling communication strategies, brand positioning platforms, or new product concepts even if customers are skeptical and resistant to new products and changes in marketing.

Why is important
to be distinctive?

Academic evidence proving the value of distinctiveness stretches back to 1933. Psychologist Hedwig Von Restorff gave participants a list of objects and then, after a short time, asked them to remember the items. The results showed that it was the items that stood out from the others that were most recalled.
Distinctiveness ensures memorability, so if you want the best chance of growing your brand then revel in a distinctive approach.
Source: Warc

How it works?

The Deck of Distinctive Brands is based on the analysis of over 2000 award-winning case studies of successful campaigns from Cannes Lions & Effie. We identified strategic patterns and turned them into the universal and proven successful “triggers” to build distinctive brand. These triggers will guide and inspire you to look at your brand from every possible angle and enable you to come up with way more and way better ideas. All triggers are divided into four basic elements of distinctive brand:

Target Audience

A clearly defined consumer segment and their needs.

Frame of Reference

The context that helps your brand be more relevant to the customer.

Your Benefit

How you want to connect with your target group.

Reason to Believe

The unique truth about your offering that makes your brand different.

This deck of cards is like having a creative director in your pocket that is ready to challenge your thinking, help with generating more ideas, and see things differently.

This is a must-have tool for all marketers, creatives, strategists, founders, etc. Especially for those who don't have the luxury to spend a couple of weeks on developing a strategy.

It's a very effective method to explore all potential options to build a clear and distinctive brand.

Who is this for?

This tool has been designed with marketers, brand managers, strategists as well as with small business owners and entrepreneurs in mind, who want to find better ways to make their business, brand, product or idea stand out.

Author and creator

Jan Marcinek is a strategic planner with over 10 years’ experience in the advertising industry working at agencies including Ogilvy, Havas, Y&R, and Leo Burnett. His work for clients such as ŠKODA Auto, T-Mobile, Česká spořitelna and Kofola has been honored with multiple awards like Effie, Clios, ADC Creative Awards and Cannes Lions.
He loves to learn new things and apply the findings to solve problems through strategic thinking.

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