The state of artificial intelligence

Digiday just published an interesting article about the artificial intelligence.

“One problem in marketing, for example, is the inability to process mass amounts of data and subsequently act on it in real time without relying on a team of marketers to analyze and make decisions,” said Amy Inlow, CMO of AI firm Adgorithms.

  1. VC funding for AI has been growing – The number of AI deals reached a new high of 397 in 2015.
  2. Customer experience is a big focus – In the business context, however, many companies want to use AI to create a better customer experience.
  3. There’s a gap between interest in AI and the actual use of AI – While 58 percent of the 391 business and tech professionals surveyed are researching AI, only 12 percent have developed AI systems.
  4. Consumers don’t have much understanding of AI – Brands and marketers have some time to catch up, but qccording research by Weber Shanwick and KRC Research shows only 18 percent responded that they know a lot about AI, 48 percent know a little and 34 percent know nothing about AI.
  5. CMOs anticipate a large talent shift in the workforce because of AI – AI, as an advanced technology, is likely to require new skill sets and lead to a job reduction in the near future. The Weber Shanwick and KRC Research report shows that a vast majority of them predict that AI will change their workforce by reducing jobs (45 percent) or requiring new skill sets (40 percent). A small number (11 percent) expect no change at all.