Measure your house with this AR sensor

Now you can easily measure physical spaces without the assistance of a professional. Canvas is a mobile application that works with an augmented reality sensor designed specifically for home improvement projects.

Powered by the world’s first mobile depth sensor, the Structure Sensor, Canvas makes capturing a 3D model of a room delightfully easy. Simply tap scan, walk around the room, and watch as a scale-accurate model is built in real-time, right on your iPad. No more busting out the measuring tape and converting scribbles into floor plans later – Canvas captures tens of thousands of measurements all at once, and then pieces it together into an interactive 3D model.

Just notice, the US home improvement market sales reached $331.9 billion in 2015 and DIY retail sales reached $27.8 billion, empowering consumers and trade professionals to better achieve their visions is proving to be a profitable one as the augmented reality home trend continues to grow.

Canvas is the ideal companion app for 3D-savvy architects, interior designers, general contractors, real estate agents and DIY enthusiasts. The Canvas app is free, the Structure sensor costs between $379.00 – $499.00, accessories start at $49.00 and the Scan To CAD features costs $29.00 per model.